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Top-quality, Fully-Embroidered Ships' Patches
most patches will be significantly higher quality than your orginals

Minimum Order 100
Some others will sell as few as six--but at a ridiculous price (total cost for 50 is typically over 85% of 100)

Your ship's patch, or patches (many ships have more than one, representing various time frames), are tremendously popular with your shipmates, yet most associations don't offer them.  I sell thousands of individual caps to sailors every year for $26.97, ship associations pay between $9.97 and $14.97 for caps, and their shipmates love them. The average price per patch for ship patches is less than $2.00.

Here are some of the uses associations have found for patches:

     Sell them at $5-$8 each and add to their treasuries

     Use them for registration stuffers at reunions

     Issue them to new members and renewing members (that's pretty classy,
     and it makes for more active members when they see their association
     shares their pride in their ship.

Prices include full embroidery

SIZE = (w + h) / 2 eg, 3" x 5" patch is priced at 4"



















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Prices/patch. Can order any quantity 100+

I can probably find an image of your ship's patch, or patches. You are welcome to send me an image or drawing of your patch. You can do this as an attachment to an email (jpg format preferred), or mail it to me at the address you'll find in Contact Info.

Ship Patch BG02